Brand & Business Development
Your brand is everything. It's your look, your voice, your actions. Ron Denis Consulting will allow you to accelerate your business model; whether that is wholesale, retail or joint venture. We can introduce you to the right partners and play the role of moderator in discussing relationships. We excel at negotiating so you'll get the best commercial and financial conditions for the conclusion of a contract.
Sales Strategy
You're going to need a sales strategy to get moving. This would include the channels you'll use to distribute your product as well as in-depth research on your target audience.
Wholesale Strategy
We'll help develop a wholesale strategy that benefits your brand and produces profit.
Marketing Strategy
How you go to market and present your brand means everything. You'll never get a second chance to make a first impression. We'll work with you to ensure your marketing is consistent, relevant and interesting.
Pricing Strategy
Pricing can be complex. You, of course, want to reap as much return as possible. Yet, you can't price yourself out of the market. We aim to get you to the sweet spot.

Brand Positioning
The position your brand takes will depend a lot on the style of your brand and who your audience is. So we'll dive deep to ensure your position is optimal.
Channel & Distribution Management
The operations side of channel and distribution management greatly impacts costs and profits. Working with us, we can ensure that operations are efficient and effective.

Sales Campaigns
Campaigns focus on specific messages to your audience. Many different tactics reinforce the campaign. We'll make sure these align with your brand.
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