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Welcome to Ron Denis Consulting. We are a fashion consulting firm with international reach. In fashion, it's all about what's next. You must make a lasting impression on consumers. We help you do this. How? Well, there's no simple, easy answer to this. Many things go into a strategy, but at its core being successful in fashion is about being in front of the right buyers at the right price with a unique perspective. Every piece of clothing, accessory or other fashion element tells the story of the person wearing it.
We help you become part of their stories.
Ready to take your brand to the next level?
Then it's time to connect with us. It's hard for brands and fashion start-ups or established organizations to really break out of all the noise. We live in a technology savvy, connected world. With so many choices for fashion, it takes a special talent and voice to rise above. Rising above takes specific skill sets and can often cost prohibitive. That's why so many brands work with us. We have the experience and expertise.
CEOs and entrepreneurs have begun to understand the value of working with advisory boards and subject matter experts. They are working with these advisors to develop and improve products as well as understand their markets. Recruiting third-party expertise is a smart cost-saving choice and an opportunity to have different perspectives as well as gain new insights into the business.

Why choose us?
We focus on results. Your objective is to get your brand in front of it's audience. We craft detailed strategies on how to make this happen. Each brand is unique. We want to highlight what makes you unique and what will inspire consumers to adore your brand.
Profitability is, of course, the crux of any successful brand. We'll help you build your brand and achieve profitability. Profit is powered by being able to create products at a fair cost and create demand in the market for your brand.

What you can expect working with us:

Business development focus
20 + years of fashion industry experience
We treat our clients as our partners, we rely on long term relationships and always propose advantageous conditions for our customers
Consultative and collaborative approach
We're cost-effective. We offer great rates and a systemized approach to outsourced work, so that you can concentrate on your main business activities and enjoy your life while we're doing our job.
What do we do
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Fashion Business Development
Your brand is everything. It's your look, your voice, your actions.
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Business Optimization
If you're just starting out or a seasoned brand, there's always room to improve.
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Product development & Production
Is your product made well? Is the style relevant? Are you at the right price?
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Consulting for us means a collaboration and partnership.
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